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Staging is an important step in the selling process!

Dated: March 4 2021

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Just because we are currently in a Seller's Market staging is still important! When the buyer walks through the door, you want to give them the best impression! There are many things you can do to make them see your home in its best light!

* Clean all surfaces.

* Wash windows to everything is light and bright.

* Declutter to make rooms and closets feel bigger.

* Move furniture to make your rooms feel more inviting.

* Turn on all lights. Replace any burnt out bulbs.

* Clean off kitchen and bathroom countertops. 

* Clean all appliances.

These are just a few things to do. When a buyer walks into a house that has been well taken care of, they will be willing to pay more money! And that is important for you. 

When the time is right to sell your home, contact us! All of us at Brunker are knowledgable in getting your home ready.  We also have many contacts for contractors, cleaning people, window washers & carpet cleaners!

Thanks for your time, and your trust!
Samanthia, Sabel & Rebecca

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